A hardcore RTS player will know the difficulties that come from competitive strategy games, requiring the constant attention that you need in the moment in an FPS game, and also the tireless grinding repetition that you expect in an MMO. A game like Starcraft 2 needs a lot of attention, quick micro, constant awareness and quick thinking. It, like most RTS games is difficult to play casually or in a relaxing way. A game like Starcraft also needs your constant attention, as you can’t sit out for a minute, take a break when you die early one round or /afk for a minute. So it’s important to have gaming gear that takes into account all of these factors. You want something that doesn’t require too much setup or swapping around to manage and make work, is quick enough to keep up with you and equipment that won’t break even after prolongued use.

A quick mouse!

People use all sorts of mice with different DPI settings in RTS games, but it really comes down to what is your personal preference. It’s not like Counter Strike, where a lower FPS is required to slowly and accurately pan to a players head, and some pro players play with much higher DPI settings of 2000, 3000 +. So the mouse that you need is one that has a bit of a wider range and can go a little higher than 1000 / 1200 DPI. We have though selected mice that can go lower, to give a range of options so that you can use your mouse in other games and in other ways.

Fast, responsive keyboards

The keyboard is arguably even more important than the mouse for RTS games, as you’re going to be hitting a lot of buttons in rapid succession to manage control groups, hotkeys for units and upgrades, attack moves etc. For this you want a solid mechanical keyboard that doesn’t give too much resistance with a little audio and physical feedback to well define each click. There’s no need for a wireless keyboard and like the mouse, there’s not a lot of use for macro buttons in most RTS games, as the order and variety of buttons you’ll need to press will change so frequently and drastically.

A comfortable, durable headset

The headset is probably the least important piece of equipment for RTS games, moreso even than FPS’s or MOBA’s, as team audio chat isn’t essential, and even audio alerts aren’t as game changing as they can be in games like CS:GO (people often listen to music while playing). So taking the grinding, long play time aspect of RTS’s into account, we focussed the headset needs on comfort, extended use and simplicity, while making sure not to suggest any that are not suitable for playing other games too.


Roccat Kova [+]

Roccat Kova [+] Gaming Mouse


The Sensei hits up to 5700 adjustable DPI, which is plenty for most MOBA’s, as hitting over about 2000DPI will begin to hinder accuracy and make aiming the mouse a bit more difficult than it needs to be. There are a total of eight fully programmable buttons in the middle and on the sides of the device, which is symmetrical so suitable for use in either hand. Four buttons can be useful to macro to specific abilities, but this mouse is good as it doesn’t barrage you with extra clicks all over the place. This is definitely a better choice for someone who wants fewer macro buttons on their mouse, favouring a cleaner, sleeker mouse that matches all the tech specs of a pro-gaming device.

Typically the Sensei is slightly more orientated towards a claw / claw-palm grip. It’s of-course a wired mouse which is essential for the lightning fast reactions needed in games like League of Legends, DOTA2, Heroes of the Storm and Smite.


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Razer DeathAdder


Razer DeathAdder Gaming Mouse

Razer make some of the gear that is most commonly used by gamers, with the DeathAdder being the most popular of all. A lot of pro’s use them, and have been doing so for years since much earlier versions. We said that a higher DPI range was important, but wanted to keep the ability to still hit lower ranges, and the DeathAdder along with Razer Synapse technology does just that. This mouse is capable of hitting almost any exact DPI value, up to a high of 10,000 DPI. Using the Synapse driver software it is possible to create profiles and set very specific, finely tuned DPI values in increments of 50. This makes it a great choice for hitting the higher DPI ranges preferred by some in RTS’s, and still being useable for everything from FPS games to general web browsing. The DeathAdder linked is a right handed version that has a smooth, slight ergonomic design that really does sit very easily and comfortably in your palm. There are two simple extra buttons that sit by the thumb, and a subtle rotating light below the Razer logo. A left handed version is available. The sensor is one of Razers high quality optical 50g acceleration optical sensors and the device has a long, high quality braided cable.


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Corsair K70 Vengeance

Corsair K70 Vengeance Gaming Keyboard

The K70 is a fully mechanical keyboard that can use Cherry MX red or brown switches, ideal for MOBAs giving a good amount of quick responsiveness. The CGK70 is a normal keyboard layout, with arrow keys and a numpad. Some keyboards are smaller and will remove the arrow keys or numpad, but this renders the keyboard largely useless in a lot of out of game situations. The K70 has full 104 key rollover anti-ghosting.

There are a few extra media buttons in the top right area of the keyboard, giving easy access to media from in-game. It also comes with a detachable rubberised wrist rest to help out those who prefer to have a bit of support under their arms when playing. The K70 is in the line of Corsair keyboards that have a huge variety of lighting customisation options.

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Corsair CGK95

Corsair CGK95 Gaming Keyboard

The GCK95 is a fully mechanical that uses Cherry MX red or brown switches like its baby brother, the K70. The CGK95 has a normal keyboard layout, with an additional 18 G-Keys which are capable of storing up to 108 macros in various combinations. If you’re going to attempt to make use of macro keys for extra abilities in MOBA’s, then the relatively small increase in price from the K70 is probably worth it. The CGK95 has full 122 key rollover anti-ghosting. There aren’t many other keyboards that have 18 extra buttons making this the ultimate macro button gaming keyboard.

There are a few extra media buttons in the top right area of the keyboard for controlling media and music from in-game, and it also comes with a detachable rubberised wrist rest. The CGK95 is another in the line of Corsair keyboards that have a huge variety of lighting customisation options.

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Corsair CA-90111

Corsair CA-90111 Gaming Headset

The Logitech G430 is a full 7.1 Dolby surround headset with a digital USB connection. The headset is fairly light and slim compared to others and aims to give comfort by sitting gently instead of wrapping around the head more snugly some some headsets will do and the ear cups are very soft, with “breathable” air holes throughout, meaning that it’s great to use for extended periods of time. The microphone bar is very solid and durable and flips from a vertical, “tucked away” position, down to sit in front of the mouth. The ear cups rotate 90 degrees to sit flat, meaning they can be worn casually around the neck and still be easily heard.

There are no volume or mute controls on the headset, as the G430 instead has a control box on the cable itself. This small box has a simple scroll wheel to alter the volume and a switch to mute or un-mute the microphone. The box isn’t huge, weighty or obstructive, but is a lightweight control panel that can hang on as a part of the cable without getting in the way or being noticeably heavy.

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SteelSeries Sibera V3

SteelSeries Siberia V3 Gaming Headset

The Logitech G230 is is the smaller, budget version of the G430. The headset is fairly similar to the G430 aesthetically and again focusses on being light and slim, so that it’s easy to use for extended periods. The ear cups are very soft, with the same “breathable” air holes. The microphone is on the same solid and durable bar and flips from a vertical tucked away position, down to sit in front of the mouth. The cord is long and coated in a durable blue fabric that doesn’t tangle easily. The headphones can be rotated around 90 degrees and sit flat.

The G230 has a standard, small volume control box that sits on the cable.

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