Roccat have gone out of their way to focus on both giving effective audio feedback quickly and clearly and comfort with the Kave. The ergonomic ear cups have three tiered bedded pads, designed to distribute weight evenly and absorb the force of being worn comfortably and maximise the delivery of audio. Like a lot of the best headsets nowadays, the Kave has aluminium hinges to ensure that the headset is robust as well as lightweight. The ear cups themselves are quite large, giving efficient noise cancellation and a good level of comfort.

The microphone is mounted on the end of a flexible arm, and can even be completely removed if necessary. There is an LED light on the end to let you know when it’s muted, so you don’t end up talking to yourself for ten minutes wondering why no one is answering you.

It is possible to set up different sound profiles on the Kave so that different levels can be set for things like gaming and movies or music. Some headsets have volume controls on the ear cups or on a small remote box on the cable, but the Kave has a large control box part way down the cable that is designed to sit on a desk and be used be used as quick controls. It’s bigger than most control boxes and features control, microphone options and profile sliders.

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