The microphone is attached on the left hand side and swivels down about 170 degrees from a vertical position to sit comfortably at mouth level. The microphone itself is inside a flexible, rubber bar, and can be gently pushed closer or further away from the mouth. It’s an extremely clear, high quality microphone that can be used to clearly chat to allies in game or with friends over Vent or Skype. The cable is a rubberised, thin, red flexible wire that runs out from the bottom of the left headphone cup and is easily long enough to run from a nearby computer without stretching.

The earphones on the headset can each rotate 90 degrees backwards. The idea is that the headset can sit around your neck and you can hear audio without having to have the cups over your ears. This works well but is more suited for listening to music / movies than gaming, as some of the precision in the audio can be lost. It is also possible to wear the headset with one cup over an ear and one off without the headset doesn’t slide off your head or it being uncomfortable for long periods of time. The headset itself is very comfortable and the ear pads are soft and cushioned and quite large. Each cup can slide about an inch up or down on the metal supports on either side, allowing for the headset to sit on larger or smaller heads. For those with larger heads, the headset can feel quite tight initially, but eventually loosens up a little and becomes more comfortable.

All these options and slight tweaks that it’s possible to make to how the headset is worn and used make it a very comfortable and practical piece of kit that can be worn for long periods of time and withstand a lot of continued use.

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