We take a look at the NIP gaming mice, headsets and keyboards used by the players in the team

NiP have always been one of the most dominant and entertaining teams in Counter Strike, from the formation in 2002, through the disbanding and re-forming in 2005 to the domination in 2012 to 2014.

During this period Nip achieved a record 87-0 in tournament maps before being taken down by the rising Virtus Pro team. Three core players, F0rest, GeT_RiGhT and Xizt joined from being professional Counter Strike 1.6 players, with Friberg and initially Fifflaren who were CSGO pro’s.

The team has been one of the most dominant of the modern era, and NiP magic runs in tournaments are still a sight to behold that entire crowds get behind very quickly! We take a quick look at the gear NiP use during their tournament and practice play. Some gear is used because of team sponsors, but a team will not take on a sponsor unless the gear meets a standard, as there’s little point in taking a sponsorship that means using inferior gear and losing games. There’s no benefit there for the team or the sponsor, so we can trust that although some items are sponsored, all of the equipment is still among the best available for FPS gaming.


GeT RiGhT, Christopher Alesund, is the team captain of Swedish team NiP and has been playing CS since 1.6 in 1998. He is often found playing lurker, disrupting the tactics of opposing teams. GeT RiGhT has played on other notable CS teams including Fnatic, SK and MYM.

Mouse: Logitech G303

Keyboard: Xtrfy XG-K2-RGB

Headset: SteelSeries 800

Pad: Xtrfy XTP1-L4-GT-1

Monitor: EIZO Foris FS2333


NiP Adam “friberg” Friberg has only played on one team; Ninjas, during his entire CS career which started in 2012. With them he has won six major titles and placed second in four (twice losing 2:1 to Fnatic). Friberg has helped his team earn nearly half a million dollars since 2012!

Mouse: SteelSeries Rival

Keyboard: XG1-R LED

Headset: QPAD QH-90

Pad: Xtrfy XGP1-L4

Monitor: EIZO Foris FG2421


Xizt, like GeT RiGhT has also played on Fnatic, joining them on the day that Get_RiGhT left. Xizt is now a support rifler for NiP and is the in game leader and play caller. NiP have been known to rate through a few different callers, but usually the responsibility falls back to Xizt.

Mouse: SteelSeries Ikari

Keyboard: Xtrfy XG1-R

Headset: QPAD QH-90 Pro

Pad: Xtrfy XTP1-L4-GT-1

Monitor: EIZO Foris FG2421


Like most of NiP, f0rest has previously played for Fnatic during one of their dominant periods. F0rest has six major titles to his name in both Counter Strike and CSGO spanning more than ten years and totalling nearly 1.5 million dollars in team prize money.

Mouse: Zowie EC2-A

Keyboard: Xtrfy XG1-R

Headset: QPAD QH-90 Pro

Pad: Xtrfy XTP1-L4-GT-1

Monitor: EIZO Foris FG2421


Pyth is the newest member of NiP, joining the team in the last few days of 2015. During his three year career with teams including SK and Luminosity, Pyth has achieved some strong premier tournament finishes, some minor tournament wins and even a premier title.

Mouse: Zowie EC2-A

Keyboard: SteelSeries 6Gv2

Headset: HyperX Cloud 2

Pad: SteelSeries QcK

Monitor: BenQ XL2411Z

NIP CounterStrike Chair

Most of NiP use the custom Ninjas In Pyjamas DXRacer gaming chair ( & The company DXRacer are the leading, most popular manufacturer of chairs designed specifically for gaming. Choosing a new chair can be a hassle, as you’re either crawling through terrible 2 star reviews of cheap chairs on Amazon, or browsing expensive IKEA chairs that will cost as much to deliver as the cheap Amazon ones do in total! With a DXRacer chair you get a comfortable, specifically made chair that comes with a lot of reviews, endorsements and guarantees. If you have the money, a chair like the NiP DXRacer should be your absolute first choice.

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