The Best Setup for MOBA Gaming Genres

It’s important to find the kit that works for you, but that’s never truer than when picking a gaming mouse. Some options are important, some are nice to have and some are just for show, but everyone will have their own...

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The Best Setup for MMO Gaming Genres

It’s been a while since MMO’s were heavily involved in e-sports. World of Warcraft 3v3’s are MMO’s biggest showing, being played alongside other e-sports. Now the upper tier of MMO’s are concerned with clearing raids and being the first to...

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The Best Setup for RTS Gaming Genres

A hardcore RTS player will know the difficulties that come from competitive strategy games, requiring the constant attention that you need in the moment in an FPS game, and also the tireless grinding repetition that you expect in an MMO....

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The Best Setup for FPS Gaming Genres

First Person Shooters have always been at the top of competitive gaming. From Team Fortress and Battlefield to Counter Strike and Halo, competitive FPS games have created some of the most well known and most successful pro gamers and active scenes in...

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