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Pro Games Tech is here to help you play like a pro.


Playing well in games often takes a lot of time, dedication and talent. E-sports is growing, pro-gaming is becoming more and more common and viable profession. While a mouse or keyboard won’t make you a pro, it can go a long way to upping your game and helping you train and develop skills.

We go through latest tech, opinion and Amazon reviews, manufacturer details, our own experiences using different gear and anything else we can find to write articles that can help you find and select which gaming peripherals are going to help you out the best in the games you play. We’ll continue to write articles that help you decide based on the peripheral you’re looking for or the types of games you play.

The content on Pro Games Tech will take into account all the little things about a mouse, a keyboard etc that you might be worried about when splashing out on a new device. We’ll explain mouse DPI, keyboard switches, earphone specifications and compare available devices so that you have all the information and can decide what’s most important to you. We’ll also give input regarding value and make recommended suggestions based on getting the most features for the best prices!

We also have a number of articles and planned articles that will look specifically at pro gamers from different games and let you know what gear they are currently using!


Who runs Pro Games Tech?


Hi and thanks for visiting Pro Games Tech! My name is Chris and I run and own the site here.

I’ve always been an avid gamer, spanning many platforms and genres. I do have a tendency though to favour my PC for gaming (PCMR!) because of all the ways in which I can customise my gaming experience. I am also a massive fan of e-sports and pro gaming competitions. I write a lot of the articles, but some are written by guest writers who will do special pieces on specific tech like graphics cards or monitors.

I started this site when I was trying to find a good mechanical keyboard and my search took me to looking at Starcraft 2 pro players and seeing what keyboards they used as inspiration. This opened my eyes to a world of mechanical switches, DPI settings, interchangeable weights, macro buttons, surround sound and all of the intricacies that you can take into account when finding gaming tech that is best suited for you.

It can be a lot of fun to have this much choice and this many customisation options, but for a lot of people it’s a bit much to take in all at once. What I’m trying to do here at Pro Games Tech is relay to you a good range of options for headsets, mice, keyboards and hopefully soon things like monitors, chairs, graphics cards etc. These suggestions are based on what tech the actual pro players in pro team houses are using, what gets good reviews and performs well and what I personally can recommend.

Hopefully we can give you some quick solutions if you just want to know the best of what’s out there, or provide a valuable research resource if you’re someone who really likes to spend some time choosing their gear. Either way, we cut out a bit of the trawling through Amazon and trying to identify which reviews are legit and which are angry people who couldn’t figure out how to use their device! We’ll give you an honest impression of the tech we review, so you don’t have to visit each manufacturers website and read through the over exaggerated features. Some items we review and suggest have a few more frills and flashy lights but if they don’t meet a minimum standard for competition, we won’t suggest them.

I hope you find everything you need here. We’re updating the site constantly and encourage you to get in touch and let us know what helped you, what you didn’t find and what you’d like to see in the future!


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